School Bulletin #37 – 24th November 2017


  • Monday 27th November: All classes end at 12:00pm today
  • Tuesday 28th November: Primary 5 End of Year Trip, Cooperativa Las Cabinas, Santa Ana  8:10 – 11:40am
  • Tuesday 28th November: Primary 3 End of Year Trip, Del Novillo Alegre 150m Oe, Escazú  8:00 – 11:30am
  • Tuesday 28th November: Primary 4 End of Year Trip, Condominio Cerro Alto, San Rafael 8:00 – 11:30 am | All classes end at 12:00pm
  • Wednesday 29th November: Primary 5 Graduation - 8:15am, Auditorium
  • Wednesday 29th November: Senior 7 IB Graduation - 6:30pm, Auditorium
  • Wednesday 29th November: Last day of classes for all students - classes end at 12:00 pm
  • Thursday 30th November: Senior 6 NB Graduation - 6:30pm, Auditorium


COOK FOR COSTA RICA:  Last year the staff of the British School decided to donate a weeks’ lunch money to the United Nations fund for Syrian refugee children - in total over $1,000 was donated to the cause. In return, a group of teachers cooked lunch for everybody and staff were able to share food with each other.  The event was such a success that this year we decided to repeat the activity.  Thus, in the second week of November, a group of 9 teachers cooked a variety of British, Mediterranean and Costa Rican food for 40 staff members who, in return, donated their lunch money for the week.  Senior 6 students, who participated in the Science field trip at a finca in Moravia, were also given the opportunity to donate money in return for receiving lunch.  This year, in addition to providing food, we have put all of the recipes into a recipe book that staff can get for a donation of 1,000 colones.  We had planned to donate the money raised from this years’ charity food week to a charity here in Costa Rica.  However, in light of recent damage caused by the hurricane several weeks ago we have decided to donate the proceeds to Colegio de Rey Curré as they suffered extensive damage resulting from flooding.

LOST PROPERTY:  From Monday the 27th of November, lost property will be located in the Administration building, between the Caja and the bus office.  Any items not claimed by Friday the 1st of December will be donated to charity.

CHRISTMAS PROJECT: We would like to remind you that Christmas presents for children in need will be received until 1st of December.  So far we have had a very good response from BSCR families and staff as we aim to support different communities.

OPENING DAYS FOR THE SCHOOL OFFICE:  The School Office will be open until Friday the 22nd of December and then not open again until Wednesday the 3rd of January.


UNIFORM – FINAL 3 DAYS:  Due to various internal events on the final three days of school (Monday 27th, Tuesday 28th, Wednesday 29th), students will not be required to wear uniform.  However, students should still come appropriately dressed for school, including proper footwear.  Those students that have activities at a year group level should follow the guidelines provided by their teachers.  On Wednesday 29th of November, Primary 5 students must be in full school uniform for their graduation ceremony.

PRIMARY 5 GRADUATION:  On Wednesday the 29th of November, starting at 8:15am in the Auditorium, we will be saying farewell our Primary 5 students as they continue their journey into the Secondary school next year. Family and friends are most welcome to attend.  For those that cannot make it on the day, we will be livestreaming the event on our Facebook page.

YO HO HO! A PIRATE CHRISTMAS:  The Primary Drama Club, under the direction of Teacher Joseph, will be performing their latest work on Friday the 24th of December.  Due to space restrictions, we can only admit 2 family members per performer.  As a result, this performance will also be livestreamed on our Facebook page for you to watch at home.

MUSIC ASSEMBLY:  On Monday the 27th of November, students that work with Teacher Claudia will present a series of performances to share what they have learned.  This assembly is for Early Years and Primary students only.  The event will be recorded and posted onto our Facebook page so parents have the opportunity to see their children’s performance.

PRIMARY LIBRARY: The Primary Library thanks the students and parents who participated in the various contests and quizzes, which were held throughout the year.  We look forward to your participation again next year.  Likewise, we send a special greeting to the Primary 5 students: All the best and congratulations! To all the Primary students, we wish you a happy holiday period!

We would also like to inform you that a notice was sent out today to the homes of students who still have books (Spanish and English) pending return to the library.  We would be grateful if you could return these books no later than Monday the 27th of November.  Those students who do not deliver the books within the deadline will be charged the corresponding fines.


OLCOMA BRONZE MEDALIST:  Congratulations to Nicole Lipschitz Kesselman (Senior 2) for winning a bronze medal in Level I at the National Math Olympiad OLCOMA 2017.  Well done!

IB ART EXHIBITION:  On Tuesday the 21st of November the rescheduled IB Visual Arts Exhibition took place in the in the school Auditorium.  It was wonderful to see so many people; family members, friends, teachers and students, supporting the event and participating in the mini tours of the artwork that each IB Visual Art student proudly undertook to celebrate their achievements over the two year course.  The Art student speeches reflected their hard work, dedication and joyous exuberance of their time in IB Visual Arts and the wonderful impact on their art work.  Congratulations again to Jonatán, María, Alina, Tony and Daniela for an outstanding IB Visual Arts exhibition and the Art Department wishes them all the very best in their future and hope that this will be the start of a wonderful journey through Art.

NB ART EXHIBITION:  On Thursday the 23rd of November, Senior 6NB celebrated their hard work and achievements at the NB Art exhibition event in the Senior Common Room.  They displayed an excellent range of work from ceramics and jewellery to printing and drawing that had been produced over the year.  Well done to Helena, Hugo, Sara, María Paula, Emilia and Nadia.

SENIOR 6 BIOLOGY/ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS FIELD TRIP:  On 16th of November, Senior 6IB Biology SL / HL and Environmental Systems students visited a small farm in Los Sitios, Moravia to observe some practices of sustainable development and environmental conservation.  The students learned about soil management techniques and water resource management.  Also, they undertook some sampling practices of populations and calculated biodiversity indexes as part of the Ecology syllabus for both courses.

IMYC:  During this year, our students have enjoyed various activities within the framework of the IMYC Programme.  As part of the activities for their last Exit Point, Senior 3 students designed, practiced and carried out different representations of discrimination in today's society. These helped them create a greater sense of community, tolerance and mutual respect.  Also, this coming Friday, our Senior 2 students will create secret codes from Cryptography.  The groups must solve the codes of their opponents and thus establish existing relationships.  Finally, and also on Friday, our Senior 1 students must be creative to overcome various tasks assigned to them.  In this activity they will revisit their ideas and original proposals, as well as participate in small role plays at the end of the activity.

UNIFORM – LAST DAY OF CLASSES:  Secondary students are required to wear their regular uniform on Monday and Tuesday next week.  Wednesday, however, will be a non-uniform day for all secondary students.

INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE COSTA RICA ADMISSIONS EXAM RESULTS:  We are very proud to announce that two of our students were placed among the thirty best admissions results to Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica this year.  Jonatán Hernández Cubillo achieved 27th place and Gabriel Vargas Rodríguez obtained the second best admissions result at a national level.  This is a great achievement since this year more than 17,000 students completed the admissions process to the TEC.  Congratulations to both students on an outstanding achievement!

LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP AT LEAD UNIVERSITY:  On Friday the 10th of November, the members of the Student Council and the newly appointed Senior 6 mentors for 2018, participated in a very relevant but “fun” workshop at LEAD University.  The half-day Leadership and Negotiation Workshop, developed by a group of renowned professors, allowed these students to share knowledge about leadership and purpose, negotiation skills, teamwork and the importance of developing soft skills.

UNIVERSITY VISITS:  During the last few weeks we have received representatives from several universities: from Canada, we received the University of British Columbia and Dalhousie University as well as representatives from Glion and Les Roches which are universities that specialize in Hospitality and Hotel Management with campuses in several countries around the world.

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