School Bulletin #36 – 17th November 2017


  • Monday 20th November: Start of Senior ‘End of Year Exam Week’ | Start of Senior 6 IB ‘Group 4 Project Week’
  • Tuesday 21st November: IB Visual Arts Exhibition – 6:00 pm - Auditorium
  • Wednesday 22nd November: Senior 5 Design Thinking Workshop – 10:00 am-12:00 pm - Lead University
  • Thursday 23th November: Primary 3 Catequesis Activity – 8:00 am-12:00 pm - Iglesia María Reina
  • Friday 24th November: End of Senior ‘End of Year Exam Week’ | End of Senior 6 IB ‘Group 4 Project Week’


NATIONAL PRIMARY MATH OLYMPIAD:  Congratulations to Carlos Shum (Primary 5) for winning a Silver Medal at the 25th National Primary Math Olympiad 2017 (OMCEP).  Well done!

TRANSITION PERIOD:  Next Friday 24th of November, all Early Years and Primary students will be involved in a transition period where they will spend some time with a teacher from their year group for 2018. They will learn about the new teachers, the location of classrooms, their IEYC/IPC topics, trips, and more. They will also prepare work to form part of their new classroom providing a familiar environment for when they return next year.  It is important to remember that the current classes will be staying together for this transition period.  2018 class groups will be shared at a later stage, as in previous years.

‘YO HO HO, A PIRATE CHRISTMAS’ – PRIMARY DRAMA CLUB:  The Primary Drama Club will be presenting their end of year performance on the afternoon of Friday 24th November. This performance will be for EY2-P5 students only. Due to space limitations, we can permit a maximum of two family members per performer. Siblings of performers who are students at the school will be able to attend.


NIDIA BRENES – ART EXHIBITION:  Congratulations to the Senior School Art teacher, Nidia, who currently has an exhibition of her artwork in place at the Biblioteca W.K. Kellogg, Universidad EARTH, that runs from 9th of November until 9th of December.

SENIOR 6 IB LIFE DRAWING:  On Saturday 11th of November, Senior 6IB Visual Arts students visited a studio in Teatro Giratablas, San Pedro to participate in a three hour Life Drawing class.  The model was from the UCR and the students created a series of excellent studies that will enhance their Visual Arts IB Process Portfolio experimentation work.  Well done to the students María Paula, Mariana, Queenie, Rocío, Valentina, María-Fe and Juliana for attending the life drawing session.

ESTUDIOS SOCIALES TRIP TO GUAYABO NATIONAL MONUMENT:  The Department of Social Studies, as part of the History of Costa Rica and the indigenous populations unit, visited the National Monument of Guayabo on 9th of November with all the students from Senior 2.  The objective of this educational tour was for the students to experience the way of life of one of the pre-Hispanic groups in Costa Rica, observing the roads and their possible interpretations, as well as the mounds and the aqueduct.  Through a guided tour, the students were able to appreciate the reason why the Monument is recognized as a World Heritage Site for Engineering.

CENTRO DE FORMACIÓN JUVENIL ZURQUÍ:  On Sunday 12th of November, a group of Senior 6 students visited the Centro de Formación Juvenil Zurquí.  The centre is a correctional facility specifically for young people who have committed crimes and come from a variety difficult backgrounds and circumstances. The group organised activities that facilitated our students and the young people working together and getting to know about each other’s lives.  These included team games, artistic activities and a Papifutbol tournament. The event was organised by students as a CAS project and the aims were to break down social barriers and reduce marginalisation for the young people in the institution.  Our students gained new perspectives and their preconceptions of the young people in the institution were challenged.  This was a powerful experience for all and well done to the students and staff who participated.

EXAM UNIFORM REMINDER:  Students and parents are reminded that the correct use of the uniform is a requirement for exam week. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

SENIOR 4 GROUP PROJECT:  Monday 20th of November will see our Senior 6IB students start their Group 4 Project.  The Group 4 Project, a required component of the IB Diploma, is an interdisciplinary and collaborative scientific investigation into a topic of each group’s choosing.  Senior 6IB students will have regular classes during the first three periods of the day and then will use the following two periods to work on their projects which they will they formally present on Friday.  As a result of this schedule, Senior 6 students will finish at 2:00 pm on each day of next week.

Secondary End of 2nd Semester Exam Timetable 20th - 24th November 2017

All examinations finish at 12:00 pm on each day.

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