School Bulletin #34 – 3rd November 2017


  • Monday 1st November - Friday 10th November: NB exams
  • Thursday 2nd November - Wednesday 22nd November: IB exams
  • Monday 6th November: Senior 1C - Social Studies trip to the Jade Museum
    Tuesday 7th November: Seniors induction morning for Primary 5 parents / 8:30am – 9:30am | Senior 1A social studies trip to the Jade Museum
  • Thursday 9th November: Senior 2 Trip to Guayabo
  • Wednesday 29th November: Primary 5 Graduation / 8:15am - Auditorium | IB Graduation / 6:30pm - Auditorium
  • Thursday 30th November: NB Graduation / 6:30pm - Auditorium


CHANGES TO YEAR LEVEL NAMES:  Starting next year we will be changing the names of the year levels to better represent the learning journey that students undertake as they progress through the school.  This will also help us to be more congruent with year level names in other schools internationally.  Early Years will have three levels: Early Years 1, Early Years 2 and Early Years 3.  Primary year levels stay the same, but the word Primary is replaced with Year.  The biggest change will occur in the Secondary school where the number associated with each level will also change.  Please see the conversion chart below for further details:

New level  → EY1
EY1 → EY2
EY2 → EY3
Primary 1 → Year 1
Primary 2 → Year 2
Primary 3 → Year 3
Primary 4 → Year 4
Primary 5 → Year 5
Senior 1 → Year 6
Senior 2 → Year 7
Senior 3 → Year 8
Senior 4 → Year 9
Senior 5 → Year 10
Senior 6 → Year 11
Senior 7 → Year 12

SAVE THE DATE -  CALENDAR 2018:  We are sharing with you the important dates for next year so that you can mark them in your calendars.  These are the dates of important events that impact both students and parents. You can find these calendars (English and Spanish) as an attachment to a separate email or by using the link on the School’s webpage.

CHRISTMAS PROJECT: As is tradition in our school, over the coming days we will be offering labels with the names of children from various communities to which we have always collaborated with by giving them a Christmas present.  For these children, this is possibly the only present they will receive.  We will be donating presents to the children from:  CENCINAI of Pavas, the “Comedores del Sur” Foundation, the catechists of the “Virgen de Loreto” Church, CENCINAI of Santa Catalina (Pavas), the students from Pita Rayada School in Guanacaste and the children from the San José Orphanage.  The presents may be brought to school from 6th of November through 1st of December.  This activity will be coordinated by Senior 4 students, the 2018 Mentors and the teachers Lady Gómez and Xinia Araya.


EY2 “ONCE UPON A TIME…” During this quarter EY2 children have been working in the new IEYC unit "Once upon a time". They have read traditional stories from different parts of the world, and have had the opportunity to enjoy the representation of stories through drama, creating stories, building scenarios and developing their creativity through language, art and literature.

INDUCTION MEETING FOR PRIMARY 5 PARENTS: Next Tuesday 7th of November, we will have an induction meeting for Primary 5 parents who will have their children in Year 6 (Senior 1) in 2018.  The meeting will be from 8:30 am to 9:30 am and the main objective of it is to guide and advise parents about the most important changes that occur in Secondary and what is the best way to support their children in this transition process. We look forward to see you there!

PRIMARY 5 SERVICE LEARNING PROJECT:  Last Friday, our students joined Primary 5 students from Rincón Grande School in Pavas for a fun and interactive day at a farm in Coyol.  The two groups of students shared their personal stories, played games together, ate a shared lunch and made connections.  After a lot of hard work and organisation on behalf of the students, the teachers of both schools and the parents, the day was a great success.  We look forward to carrying on this new tradition next year.

PRIMARY LIBRARY:  The Primary Library invites all students to participate in the following contests:
- The Crazy Moustache: Using recycled materials each participant will create a large moustache in a shape or style of their choosing.  The deadline is 23rd of November.
- My life is in your hands: The purpose of this contest is to educate and raise awareness of the care that must be taken on the road - as drivers and pedestrians - and the importance of respecting traffic signs and laws.  Children can choose between making a model, a poster or a drawing on the subject.  The deadline is 23rd of November.


BOOKS RETURN:  Senior 4 and 6 students may check out textbooks for use over the holidays.  The bookstore is open during break times.  Students must not forget to hand in Library books and pay any late fees.


S1-7     Geography       Ms. Koch              3-4pm
S1       Maths              Ms. Vincent           3-4pm
S4-7     Biology            Ms. Boone             3-4pm
S4-7     Chemistry        Mr. Heath              3-4pm

S4-7     Physics            Mr. Mallorie                                   3-4pm
S1-7     History             Ms. Loughery & Mr. Jones            3-4pm
S1&2   French             Ms. Vicente                                    3-4pm
S2-3    Maths               Ms. Vincent                                    3-4pm
S4       Maths               Ms. Gillespie                                  3-4pm
S4-7    Economics       Mr. Paradis & Mr. Gallagher          3-4pm

S1&2   French             Ms. Vicente                                    3-4pm
S3&4  Maths              Mr. Narváez                                     3-4pm

S4-7     Physics            Mr. Jones                          3-4pm
S1       Maths              Ms. Gillespie                                   3-4pm
S4       Maths              Ms. Vincent                                     3-4pm

Mr. Jiménez is available every day until 3:45 pm by appointment only.

HANDBALL SPORTS FESTIVAL: The Physical Education Department is pleased to announce that last Thursday 26th of October, a group of Senior 4 students participated in a Handball Sports Festival at the UCR, in which they won the first place with an outstanding performance.  For us, it is very important to have and acknowledge your support in the development of sports in the school and our students.

ADMISSION RESULTS - INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE COSTA RICA (TEC):  We are proud to share that several of our Senior 6 National Baccalaureate and Senior 7 International Baccalaureate students obtained excellent results in the TEC admission process.   The following students obtained more than 700 points out of 800: Pablo Ayarza, Luciana Brenes, Sergio Calvo, Valeria Emo, Jonatán Hernández, Daniel Kaufmann, Sebastián Mora, Estéfano Paniagua, Sebastián Quevedo, Juan Pablo Solano, Stephanie Soto, Isabel Sullivan and Max Wu.  Gabriel Vargas obtained an outstanding score of 798.86 points.  We will most probably have Gabriel and some of these other students in the first places this year.  Well done to all!!

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