School Bulletin #33 – 27th October 2017


Monday 30th October: Start of the International Baccalaureate Exams
Tuesday 31st October: Start of the National Baccalaureate Exams
Wednesday 1st November: Senior 4C Estudios Sociales trip to Cooperativa Dos Pinos (12:00 – 3:00 pm)
Thursday 2nd November: Senior 4A & Senior 4B Estudios Sociales trip to Cooperativa Dos Pinos (12:00  – 3:00pm) | Senior 1B Estudios Sociales trip to the Jade Museum (9:10 am - 12:30 pm)


GOOD LUCK TO OUR GRADUATING STUDENTS:  This week our Senior 6 NB and Senior 7 IB students enjoyed their final week of classes at the British School ahead of their external exams, which begin next week.  To celebrate their time at the School, both generations participated in a number of activities including crazy dress up days, shared breakfasts, a musical performance, a parade through the School in their costumes and a farewell activity on the patio.  We would like to wish both generations the very best of luck with their exams over the coming weeks.

REGISTRATION for 2018:  We should like to remind you that the annual Registration Fee (Matrícula) for the School Year 2018 should be paid by Monday the 31st of October 2017 (before 2:30 p.m.).


‘CONTECA’ TENNIS TOURNAMENT:  We would like to congratulate Daniel Araya Kooiker (Primary 5A) on winning second place in his category in the CONTECA Tennis tournament in El Salvador last week.

OMCEP NATIONAL MATH OLYMPIAD FINALIST:  Congratulations to Carlos Shum (Primary 5) who has earned a place in the OMCEP Primary Math Olympiad national final.  Carlos will compete against 38 students from all around Costa Rica by answering 6 challenging maths questions in 3 hours.  We wish him well on 11th of November at the Calasanz School!


GUAYABO NATIONAL MONUMENT:  On Saturday 21st of October, a group of 18 Senior 6 students travelled to the Guayabo National Monument to undertake maintenance work as part of their IB CAS programme. The students collaborated with the organisation Proparques to repaint picnic areas including several tables and the structures and roofs of the ‘ranchitos’.  The students displayed the power of collaborative action to make a positive impact on this area of national importance and worked hard to raise the funds before the visit including a jeans day and staff bingo activities.  Well done to all students who organised and participated in this event.

TALENT SHOW WINNERS:  On Thursday 26th of October, our Senior 7 generation, as winners of Spirit Week/The Talent Show, enjoyed a shared pizza lunch during an extended lunch break.  Many congratulations to all of the students who contributed to Senior 7’s victory.

ENGLISH DEPARTMENT TRIP TO THE THEATER;  “BATTLEFIELD”:  On Thursday 19th of October, the English Department took ninety-six Senior 6 and Senior 7 students to the National Theatre to take in an internationally acclaimed piece of theatre: "Battlefield," directed and written by Peter Brook and Marie-Hélène Estienne.  Based on the epic Indian poem “The Mahabharata”, the piece explores the consequences of war on its perpetrators, interspersed with often comic morality tales.  The students gave good feedback after the event, enjoying the chance to see a quality live production in a prestigious setting.  Before the play, former president Oscar Arias gave a speech by way of introduction to "Battlefield", reinforcing the nation's anti-war stance with the repeated phrase "¿Qué resolvió la guerra?” which was a fitting preamble to a philosophical but also highly enjoyable journey into the heart and soul of those who wage war.

ENGLISH DEPARTMENT CREATIVE WRITING COMPETITION:  The English Department is hosting its annual Creative Writing Competition.  All students can submit one entry (prose, poetry, play or graphic novel).  It can be something that they wrote this year in class, an assignment, exam practice or simply something they wrote in their free time.  Please submit entries to any teacher in the English Department before Tuesday 31st of October in order to participate.

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