School Bulletin #30 – Friday 6th October 2017


  • Monday 9th October: Acto Cívico - Cultures Day. Early Years 1 – Primary 1 students. Early Years 1D parents invited, 10 am
    Acto Cívico - Cultures Day. Primary 2 – Primary 5 students, 8:10 am
    Acto Cívico - Cultures Day. Senior students, 11:30 am
  • Tuesday 10th October: Primary 1 Spanish trip to Parque Diversiones
    Senior 1B Service Learning trip to Hogar Infantil Curridabat
    Senior 5 IGCSE Exams begin
  • Wednesday 11th October: Senior 4 Service Learning trip to Hospicio de Huérfanos de San José
    Senior 1 & Senior 2 Co-curricular trip to Eskalar climbing gym – 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Thursday 12th October: Cultures Day - REGULAR CLASSES
  • Friday 13th October: House Colours Day - Barva (Green)
  • Monday 16th October: Cultures Day holiday - SCHOOL CLOSED for all students except for Senior 5 IGCSE students who study either Spanish Literature of English as a Second Language


HOUSE COLOURS DAY:  Congratulations to members of Barva House who earned the most points in Quarter 3! Their house colours day will be on Friday 13th of October.  On this day, all Barva students (Early Years – Senior 7) can wear a green shirt with jeans (shorts too, in Early Years/Primary) and school appropriate footwear.



  • Early Years 1 - Animal Rescuers: Students will explore habitats around the world meeting different animals and learning how to keep them safe.
  • Early Years 2 - Once Upon a Time: Students will learn to become better storytellers, and will create their own amazing worlds of make believe.
  • Primary 1 - Flowers & Insects: Without insects there would be no flowers. And without flowers insects would go hungry.
  • Primary 2 – Water: Not everyone in the world has clean, fresh water – but we can help to change that, because water is for everyone.
  • Primary 3 - Explorers & Adventurers: Being an explorer is exciting but scary at the same time. Could you be an explorer? Let’s find out.
  • Primary 4 - Temples, Tombs & Treasures (Ancient Egypt): Students will focus on one of the great civilisations and exploring their way of life through the things they left behind.
  • Primary 5 - The Ancient Romans: Students will learn about the ancient Romans and how they expanded their empire.

Are you a specialist in this area, or know someone who is? Do you have contacts with a location or organisation that might enhance the students’ learning? Then, please get in touch with your child’s class teacher as soon as possible.

STAFF UPDATE:  At the end of last quarter, we said goodbye to Teacher Fredric, Early Years 2B assistant, who returned to the United States with his family.  We would like to thank him for his engagement with the students and promoting their English.  As a result, we would like to welcome Laura Roca who is joining Early Years 2B for the remainder of the year.  Teacher Laura is a qualified teacher with experience both here in Costa Rica and abroad.

PARENT-TEACHER MEETINGS:  Thank you to all parents who attended the Parent-Teacher Meetings on Wednesday afternoon.  If you couldn’t make it and would still like to meet with your child’s teacher, please schedule an appointment by calling Reception.


SENIOR 1 EXIT POINT:  Senior 1 students worked with the theme of discovery for this quarter.  On 21st of September, students discovered historical characters, their inventions and skills as great discoverers of history.  During the Exit Point activity, they had the opportunity to share who their favorites were and their different abilities to discover.  Senior 1 surprised us with their ambitions.  Among their future discoveries are: an inexhaustible source of energy friendly to the environment, new planets with water and oxygen, a new element of the periodic table, a futuristic vehicle and the construction of many time machines.

NATIONAL HISPANIC RECOGNITION PROGRAM SCHOLARS:  This year two of our Senior 7 students have received a very important recognition:  Gabriel Vargas and Max Wu have been selected as National Hispanic Scholars by the College Board.  They scored in the top 2.5% among Hispanic and Latino PSAT/NMSQT test takers in 2016.  This is a recognition of their talent and excellent academic performance and will enable them to highlight their outstanding educational achievements to top colleges and universities.  Well done Gabriel and Max!

NATIONAL BACCALAUREATE IELTS TEST RESULTS:  Last 9th of September, all the Senior 6 National Baccalaureate students certified their general level of English through the IELTS test (International English Language Testing System), an exam which is often a requisite to study or work abroad. Congratulations to Emilia Castro for attaining an impressive overall Band 8 in her test and also to Nadia Sarkis for attaining an amazing perfect score of Band 9 on the Reading section of the IELTS, the first ever attained by a student from the British School.  Well done to both of you!

SENIOR 1A SERVICE LEARNING:  On Friday 22nd of September, Senior 1A carried out their Service Learning Project in the “Hogar San Pedro Claver”.  It was a very important experience since they could share excellent quality time with the elderly. We congratulate the students because they did an excellent job from the beginning with the way they collected money by selling food which added up a total of ¢342,500.00.  This money allowed them to give each of the 48 people a gift which consisted of a blanket, a soap and a deodorant.  In addition, they shared a snack, two piñatas, cupcakes, and made a donation of 480 diapers to them. Also, the students could talk, paint and play bingo with the elderly. In the end, the activity proved to be a huge learning and service opportunity for all the students who participated.

UNIVERSITY VISITS:  This week we received the visits of several university representatives:

  • Monday 2nd of October: Vassar College and Barnard College both in New York
  • Tuesday 3rd of October: Goucher College in Baltimore
  • Wednesday 4th of October: Texas Tech University (main campus in Lubbock, Texas and about to open their new campus in Avenida Escazú in 2018).

It is important for parents to motivate their Senior 5, 6 and 7 students to attend the visits of these representatives.  They are a great way to establish first hand contact with these institutions that are extremely interested in receiving applications from our students because they recognize the quality of the education they receive.  Most of them offer scholarships to international students.

PSAT:  On the morning of Saturday 14th of October, we will be administering the PSAT exam at the school. The PSAT is a preparatory exam for the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) which is used for admission purposes in most universities in the United States.  The test is offered for interested Senior 4, 5 and 6 students and it has a cost of 17,000 colones to be paid at the Caja.  When paying, the student will receive an informative booklet with a complete practice for the exam.

NATIONAL FINALISTS FOR OLCOMA:  Congratulations to Nicole Lipschitz and Max Wu for earning a spot in the OLCOMA Math Olympiad National Final to be held November 13-15.  Well done and good luck!

IGCSE EXAM REMINDER – 16TH OF OCTOBER:  On Monday 16th of October, the British School of Costa Rica will be celebrating the Day of the Cultures holiday.  As a result, there will be no classes on this day for all year levels.  However, there are two external IGCSE exams (Spanish Literature and English as a Second Language) which are scheduled for this day which we are unable to change due to the fact that they are internationally administered.  Consequently, Senior 5 students who take either IGCSE Spanish Literature or English as a Second Language will be required to come into School on this day.

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