School Bulletin #29 – 22nd September 2017


  • Monday 25th to Friday 29th September: Mid-Semester Break - No classes
  • Monday 2nd October: Start of Quarter 4 | Primary Math Olympiad – 3rd Tournament (1:00 pm to 5:00 pm) - St. Paul School
  • Wednesday 4th October: Primary Parent-Teacher Meetings (12:30 pm to 4:00 pm)
  • Monday 9th October: Senior 5 Study Day
  • Monday 9th to Friday 13th October: Senior 6 End of Year Exams
  • Tuesday 10th October: Senior 5 IGCSE Exams begin


DAY OF INDEPENDENCE: On Thursday 14th of September we had the traditional Civic Act to celebrate 196 years of Costa Rica´s independence.  The activity began with the entry of the ‘Torch of Freedom’ which was carried by several students.  Later, the whole school enjoyed the Civic Act at the gymnasium.  It was a very emotional event full of patriotism.  Then, during the breaks, both Primary and Secondary students tasted a variety of typical desserts and meals that they brought to share with their classmates.  The activity was enlivened by a traditional “cimarrona” and was celebrated with much enthusiasm and joy.

FOOD COLLECTION FOR THE LIFTING HANDS FOUNDATION:  As part of their Service Learning project for this year, Senior 1C has decided that they would like to work with the community of Los Bajos De Los Anonos.  Several members of this community have been affected by the recent heavy rains which have resulted in widespread flooding.  As a result, Senior 1C have decided to collaborate with the Lifting Hands Foundation to collect food which will be donated to members of this community who are in need.  Any member of our community who would like to make a food donation to this worthy cause may do so on either Monday the 2nd or Tuesday the 3rd of October at the student entrance to the school.  Senior 1C kindly asks for donations of food that are non-perishable and do not require refrigeration (e.g. canned food, rice etc.).

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: Due to the recent natural disasters, we would like to confirm that our buildings are regularly checked and monitored, even more so after a natural disaster. Our school has an internal emergency procedure in case of earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, etc., which includes rapid communication systems by Facebook, email or the BSCR App which can advise parents that they should or not come to pick up their children . In the following link, you can access useful information provided by the National Emergency Commission (CNE) so you can implement it at home in case of an earthquake:


DEBATE:  On Monday, a group of Primary 4 and 5 students presented their first debate on the topic that social media should be permitted for students under 13 years of age.  They have developed their opposing arguments over the past 9 weeks with the support of a group of Senior 6 IB students.


EXIT POINTS: Senior 3 Exit Point: Linking Independence Week with their currently IMYC theme of Identity, on Monday 11th of September, our Senior 3 students shared with Primary 5 a short traditional Costa Rican Swing dance workshop.  Senior 3 students prepared brief choreographies that were then taught to the children.  In the end, all the groups shared their performance and learned about a dance which is part of our Costa Rican identity.

Senior 2 Exit Point:  As part of the Independence Week and the Exit Point on Tradition, on 14th of September, our Senior 2 students performed during the Civic Act with a beautiful interpretation of 15th of September representative songs. For this, the whole Senior 2 generation used different Central American musical instruments which are commonly seen in school bands such as drums, lyre and bass drum, and several others.  Their performance showed great commitment and preparation, and also reflected the students' awareness of their own and foreign traditions, as well as the important role that they play in society.

SPORTS UPDATE:  Congratulations to our Senior Boys football team who finished in second position in the ACEP Tournament.  The final of the tournament was last Monday with our team losing a highly entertaining match against Anglo-American School 5 v 3.

PROGRESS REPORT: We would like to remind parents that the main objective of the progress report is, as the name implies, to inform parents about their child's progress thus far.  This is so that parents have an idea of how their child’s academic performance is progressing and whether in cases where performance levels have fallen below expectations, it might be necessary to make any adjustments.  Progress reports are not official grades and may change (either up or down) by the end of the semester depending on the students’ performance in the second quarter of the semester.

SDS LESSONS: During the past week, our Senior School's SDS team has begun implementing SDS Lessons, which will consist of quarterly lessons with each form group from Senior 1 to Senior 4 (Senior 5 will be included starting in 2018)  regarding relevant topics related to emotional, social and academic areas, among others. For this week, SDS team members María José González and José Ignacio Echeverría, delivered sessions on the following topics:

  • Senior 1: Getting Along (Communication)
  • Senior 2: Peer Pressure
  • Senior 3: Social Media
  • Senior 4: Sexual Violence

The SDS team aims to continue with this initiative to promote the integral development of our students in this crucial life stage.

UNIVERSITY VISITS: During the past few days we have had several activities here on campus related to university visits.  On September 14th we received a representative from Savannah College of Art and Design (Georgia), on the 18th representatives from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Wheaton College in Massachusetts and Evergreen State College in Washington gave informational presentations to students of senior 5, 6 and 7 and on September 20 we received a representative of John Cabot University in Rome.  In addition, on September 21st some senior 6 National Baccalaureate and senior 7 students visited Lincoln School to attend the CIS  University Fair which had representatives from 30 United States universities.

PSAT: On Saturday, October 14th in the morning we will be administering the PSAT exam at the school. The PSAT is a preparatory exam for the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) which is used for admission purposes in most universities in the United States.   The test is offered for interested senior 4, 5 and 6 students and it has a cost of 17,000 colones to be paid at the Caja. When paying, the student will receive an informative booklet with a complete practice for the exam.

GAETANO PANDOLFO CONFERENCE: Senior 5 students attended a very powerful and moving conference this week in the Auditorium on Alcohol Abuse Prevention.  The speaker was Gaetano Pandolfo, a very well-known sports journalist who very honestly and bravely gave his testimonial about how he recovered from alcoholism and remains sober after more than 30 years of making the conscious decision to stop drinking.  Many of these students had previously read Mr. Pandolfo´s book "Para nunca olvidar", where he makes an autobiographical narration of his experience.

IGCSE FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE: Please see the end of this bulletin for the IGCSE final exam schedule.


Students should be ready, in front of the auditorium, 15 mins before the start of each exam.

5 October 8:10: Art and Design, 0400-02
9 October 8:10: Art and Design, 0400-02
10 October 9:05: First Language Spanish, Reading passages P21, 0502-21
10 October 2:10: Cambridge International Mathematics, P23, 0607-23
12 October 9:05: First Language Spanish, Directed writing and composition,
P31, 0502-31
16 October 8:00: English as a Second Language, Reading and Writing,
P23, 0511-23
16 October 10:10: Literature (Spanish), P01, 0488-01
17 October 12:50: Cambridge International Mathematics, P43, 0607-43
18 October 2:15: English as a Second Language, Listening, 0511-43
19 October 1:35: Cambridge International Mathematics, P63, 0607-63
20 October 9:45: Literature (Spanish), Alternative to Coursework, P03,
24 October 8:10: Geography, Geographical Skills P21, 0460-21
24 October 9:50: Biology, Alternative to Practical P61, 0610-61
25 October 9:20: Computer Science, Theory P11, 0478-11
26 October 8:50: Foreign Language French, Reading P21, 0520-21
26 October 10:00: Chemistry, Alternative to Practical P61, 0620-61
26 October 1:05: History, P13, 0470-13
27 October 8:50: Biology, Multiple Choice P21, 0610-21
27 October 9:40: Biology, Theory P41, 0610-41
30 October 9:05: First Language English P21, 0500-21
31 October 8:10: Geography, Alternative to Coursework P41, 0460-41
31 October 9:50: Foreign Language French P41, 0520-41
31 October 2:05: Physics P63, 0625-63
1 November 1:05: History P23, 0470-23
2 November 9:05: First Language English P31, 0500-31
6 November 8:10: World Literature, Set Text P03, 0408-03
6 November 9:50: Music, Listening P11, 0410-11
6 November 1:00: Physics, Multiple Choice P23, 0625-23
6 November 1:50: Physics, Theory P43, 0625-43
7 November 8:50: Economics, Structured Questions P21, 0455-21
8 November 9:10: Chemistry Multiple Choice P21, 0620-21
8 November 10:00: Chemistry Theory P41, 0620-41
9 November 9:50: World Literature, Unseen P02, 0408-02
10 November 8:25: Foreign Language French, Listening P11, 0520-11
10 November 9:20: Computer Science, Problem Solving and Programming P21
13 November 9:20: Geography, Geographical Themes P11, 0460-11
14 November 10:20: Economics, Multiple Choice P11, 0455-11

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