School Bulletin #28 – 15th September 2017


  • Monday 18th September: Senior Boys ACEP Football Final Vs Anglo-American School (11:30 am)
  • Tuesday 19th September: Puberty Workshop for Primary 4/Primary 5 parents (Auditorium, 8:10 am)
  • Wednesday 20th September: Primary 2 Exit Point (Auditorium, 8:10 am) Early Years 1B/D IPC Trip to the Children’s Museum | Primary 5 Service Learning Workshop
  • Thursday 21st September: Primary 1B/D Exit Point (Auditorium, 8:10 am) | Early Years 1A/C IPC Trip to the Children’s Museum | Senior 6NB/Senior 7IB CIS US College Fair at Lincoln School (11:00 am)
  • Friday 22nd September: Primary 1A/C Exit Point (Auditorium, 8:10 am) | Senior 5 workshop ‘To Never Forget’ (Auditorium, 1:30 pm) | Senior 1A service learning trip to Hogar San Pedro Claver (9:10 am to 12:20 pm)
  • Friday 22nd September: Last day of Quarter 3 (normal finishing times)
  • Monday 2nd October: First day of Quarter 4 (normal finishing times)


CHILDREN’S DAY CELEBRATION: On Friday 8th of September the British School of Costa Rica celebrated Children’s Day.  The day got off to a fantastic start with a wonderful Primary Talent show including 17 different performances that all of the School enjoyed.  Then for the rest of the morning and break times students were able to play on various inflatables located in the gymnasium and in the Early Years garden.

SPORTS UPDATE:  Last week we had the opportunity to participate in the Weizmann School Sports Festival, in which the Primary 5/Senior 1 boys’ team obtained 1st place.  In the ACEP Men's Football Championship, Senior 3-4-5 students defeated EMVA 4-2 on penalties, thus qualifying for the final game against the team from the Anglo American School.  This final will be held next Monday 18th of September at 11:30 am in the Anglo American. Thank you for your support.

MESSAGE FROM THE FINANCE DEPARTMENT: We remind parents who do their payments through the automatic charge or through an online system to pick up their receipts in the school’s cashier counter. Thank you very much.


PARENT-TEACHER MEETINGS - WEDNESDAY 4TH OF OCTOBER:  Parent-Teacher Meetings for Early Years and Primary will be held on Wednesday 4th of October, starting at 12:30 pm.  You will soon receive a slip from your child’s class teacher indicating the appointment time.  We ask parents to be punctual and respect the times allotted so as not to affect other parents.  For Primary 5 parents, we are trialling a new, electronic appointment system where parents will be able to directly choose a time that suits them.  An email will be sent to the registered email address by the teacher.  Please check your junk mail or spam folder.  When the calendar opens, please ensure you are on the correct week (1-7 October) to see the available appointment times.  If this proves successful, we will look at rolling it out to other levels at future Parent-Teacher Meetings.

EARLY YEARS 1 MARKET:  After an entertaining Acto Cívico on Wednesday morning, Early Years 1 students and parents gathered in the Early Years playground for a family picnic with a variety of traditional foods and music.  A family from each class also won a traditional coffee maker.

EXIT POINTS:  Primary 2 students will be celebrating their learning from this quarter at their Exit Point on Wednesday 20th of September.  Their topic, We Are What We Eat, has seen them exploring a variety of areas concerning health and fitness.  They are excited to share with you their restaurant, healthy eating ideas, and the importance of exercise.  Primary 1 students will also be celebrating their learning from this quarter on Thursday 21st (Primary 1B/D) and Friday 22nd September (Primary 1A/C).  Prepare yourselves for an informative trip to London where you can visit the city’s most famous landmarks accompanied by knowledgeable, young guides. We look forward to seeing you there.

PUBERTY WORKSHOPS FOR PARENTS:  Beginning in the 4th Quarter, Primary 4 and Primary 5 students will be participating in a series of workshops exploring puberty and the many emotional and physical changes that occur during the transition to adolescence.  To support parents, we are running a workshop on the morning of Tuesday 19th September.  This workshop will provide parents with information and strategies to support their children at home.  The workshop will be presented in Spanish by members of the School’s Student Development Service (SDS).


LAST DAY OF CLASSES FOR SENIOR 5, SENIOR 6 NB AND SENIOR 7:  The IGCSE exams for Senior 5 will begin on Tuesday 10th of October.  This means that the last day of classes for Senior 5 will be on Friday 6th of October.  Monday 9th of October will be a study day for all Senior 5 students with the exception of IGCSE art students.  The IGCSE art exams will take place on Friday 6th of October and Monday 9th of October with art students being required to be in School on these days.  For Senior 6NB and Senior 7IB the last day of classes will be Friday 27th of October with the corresponding external exams starting the following week.

IGCSE EXAM REMINDER – 16TH OF OCTOBER:  On Monday 16th of October the British School of Costa Rica will be celebrating the Day of the Cultures holiday.  As a result, there will be no classes on this day for all year levels.  However, there are two external IGCSE exams (Spanish Literature and English as a Second Language) which are scheduled for this day which we are unable to change due to the fact that they are internationally administered.  As a result, Senior 5 students who take either IGCSE Spanish Literature or English as a Second Language will be required to come into School on this day.

SCIENCE FAIR:  Many thanks and congratulations to all students and parents who attended the BSCR Science Fair on Friday 8th of September.  The students worked extremely hard on their exhibits, and they displayed an excellent understanding of the scientific method.  Thank you also, to the judges (both teachers and mentors) who participated; your support was invaluable.  We are already looking forward to the next one!

DUKE OF EDINBURGH BRONZE EXPEDITION – LA MARTA:  Last weekend a second group of Senior 4 students embarked on their Qualifying Expedition for the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award at La Marta reserve in Cartago.  The groups hiked from the town of Pejibaye to the reserve on day one and walked the trails in the reserve on the second day after organising their camp for the night.  Students were able to enjoy spending time in the wild and getting to know their groups better away from technological distractions.  After completing this challenging expedition, students are required to complete a skill, service and physical recreation section to gain their prestigious award.

HOUSE PENALTY SHOOTOUT COMPETITION:  During this quarter, students from each House have battled it out from the penalty spot.  The shootouts have been closely contested with students taking responsibility and dealing with the pressure situation of taking a penalty. In the Senior 1-2 category Poás claimed first place, with Arenal taking both the Senior 3-4 and Senior 5-7 categories.  Well done to all who took part!

ACEP ART COMPETITION:  Congratulations to The British School winners of the ACEP XXIV Art Exhibition competition: Valentina López (Senior 6) and Sofía Ruiz (Senior 3).  The exhibition is at the Sophia Wanamaker Gallery in Barrio Dent and the awards ceremony took place on the evening of Tuesday 12th of September in the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Barrio Dent, San Pedro.  There were five shortlisted finalists in total and The British School students did exceptionally well as Sofía Ruiz received 1st place and Valentina López received 2nd place in the Secondary School category.  It was truly a wonderful event!

QUILTING CLUB VISIT TO CASA GIAMALA:  Last Thursday, 7th of September, the students who participate in the Quilting Club spent a lovely afternoon with the cancer patients at Casa Giamala, working together on a quilting and embroidery project.  They also donated some of the cushions that they made this semester and the first quilt that the students, together with the patients, finished.  If you want to see pictures and a video of this session, visit the Facebook page for Fundación Giamala and learn about what they do for people who are going through this ordeal:

SENIOR 6IB VISUAL ARTS  PHOTOGRAPHY TALK:  On Friday 8th of September, Senior 6IB Visual Arts students were fortunate to have a visit from Matthew Lloyd and Eli Capone, the school photographer, who worked alongside the students giving professional advice and guidance on their current photography projects.  Valentina, Rocío, Marie-Fe, Queenie, Mariana, and María Paula benefited from their skills and different viewpoints during the session.  Many thanks again to both Matthew and Eli for visiting and inspiring the group.

SERVICE LEARNING:  Senior 1A students raised ₡ 235,500.00 colones in the food sale from the Children’s Day celebration, which they will use for their Service Learning project at Hogar San Pedro Claver next Friday 22nd of September.  We thank everyone for their commitment and collaboration.

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