School Bulletin #27 – 8th September 2017


  • Friday 8th to Saturday 9th September: Duke of Edinburgh Bronze expedition to La Marta Reserve, Cartago
  • Monday 11th September: Primary 5/Senior 3 Dance workshop
  • Tuesday 12th September: Primary 2-Primary 5 Acto Cívico (Students only)
  • Wednesday 13th September: Early Years 1 & 2 Acto Cívico (8:15am – Auditorium – Early Years 1  parents invited to attend) - Early Years 1 Family Market (Early Years 1 parents)
  • Thursday 14th September: Independence Day celebrations - whole school
  • Friday 15th September: Independence Day - School closed


MATHS OLYMPIAD: Congratulations to Carlos Shum, Matías Linares, Rebeca López and Steven Wu for scoring in the Top 10% Nationwide in the Second Tournament for the OMCEP Math Olympiad 2017.  Well done!

MAILCHIMP:  As you may have noticed, we are using a new mass-mailing system called Mailchimp to send out this School Bulletin. We would ask you to look at the foot of the whole email and take notice of the fact that you personally can change your email address or subscribe another person to the mailing list that we use to send you the Bulletin.   Using this facility will save the School Office / Reception many hours of work in any one year since they do not have to phone parents and ask for such details.


PRIMARY LIBRARY: The Primary Library reminds students that they have time until Monday 10th of September to bring their “faroles”.  On the other hand, we would appreciate if parents could remind their children to return the books they have on loan no later than Thursday 21st of September, otherwise, the corresponding fine will be charged.

WORKSHOP FOR PARENTS – “PUBERTY: CHANGES AND CHALLENGES”:  We gladly invite all parents from Primary 4 and 5 to the workshop “PUBERTY: CHANGES AND CHALLENGES”, which will be delivered by Andreína Azofeifa and María José González from our school’s Student Development Services (SDS).  The workshop will take place next Tuesday, September 19th, from 8:15 to 9:30am in the School’s auditorium. This workshop serves as a complement to the activities which our Primary 4 and 5 students will be participating in during the month of October. In this workshop, we will examine subjects such as: the physical and psychosocial changes during puberty, the social patterns that emerge in the conformation of gender roles and the role of sexual education within the family.


 SENIOR 1, 2 AND 3 SCIENCE FAIR:  The BSCR Annual Science Fair will be held on Friday 8th of September.  The exhibits, designed and created by the students of Senior 1, 2 and 3, will be displayed in Laboratories 1, 2 and 3, and the Auditorium.  The fair starts at 1:00 pm; with Primary students attending until 2:00 pm.  Parents are invited to view the students' projects from 2:00 pm until the close of the fair at 4:00 pm.

ECONOMICS TRIP TO THE GOLD MUSEUM: Last Thursday the Senior 4 Economics class ventured into San José to have an interactive learning experience at the Gold Museum.  Staff and students were encouraged to focus on the numismatic section where the development and function of Costa Rica's currency added application and local context to our study of the IGCSE Syllabus.  Students were happy to discover the inception and development of the Colón stemming from gold used by natives that was later adopted as a form of currency when the Spanish arrived.  It was an enjoyable trip for all involved!

VISIT OF EUROPEAN UNIVERSITIES: On Wednesday 6th of September, representatives from five European Universities visited the school.  They had a very productive information session with interested students from Senior 5, 6 and 7.  The visiting universities were:

  • IE University (Segovia and Madrid, Spain)
  • Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne - EHL (Switzerland)
  • Jacobs University (Bremen, Germany)
  • Modul University (Vienna, Austria)
  • Tilburg University (Tilburg, Netherlands)

SCHOOL UNIFORM REMINDERS: We would like to remind both Secondary students and parents about several important aspects related to our School uniform.  As is detailed in the Parent Handbook, SENIOR school students may only wear shoes that are black or brown with a minimal second colour (90% of the shoe must be either black or brown).  Shoes with high heels, sandals or crocs are not accepted.  The school uniform also requires students to wear the official khaki school trousers and not replace them with jeans, chinos or tight fitting trousers even if they are the same colour.  While we understand that exceptions are sometimes necessary (in such cases the parent/guardian should send an email to with an explanation as to why the student is not in full uniform on that particular day).  Students who repeatedly fail to comply with the requirements of the dress code of the School will likely be sent home.

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