School Bulletin #24 – 18th August 2017


  • Monday 21st August to Friday 1st September: IB Mock Exams
  • Tuesday 22nd August: Senior 2A Service Learning activity - Banco de Alimentos (9:00 am - 12:30 pm)
  • Wednesday 23rd August: Jeans Day (Early Years/Primary/Senior)
  • Thursday 24th August to Tuesday 5th September: IGCSE Mock Exams
  • Friday 25th August to Saturday 26th August: CAS/IA trip - Pejibaye, Cartago
  • Saturday 26th August: OMCEP Math Olympiad – 2nd Elimination (8:00 am – 12:00 pm)


SOLAR ECLIPSEOn Monday 21st of August, Costa Rica will experience a partial solar eclipse.  As a precaution, that morning we shall be instructing all students to follow the recommendations provided by the Cientec organisation (  At the same time, we do recognize that this eclipse provides us with a unique learning opportunity.  Therefore, students will have the opportunity, during their lunch break, to see the eclipse through the use of specially designed glasses and under the supervision of a staff member.

JEANS DAY - WEDNESDAY 23RD OF AUGUSTAs part of the School’s Service Learning programme, a group of Senior 6 students have organised a project with the Proparques organisation that will assist in the repair and renovation of parts of Guayabo National Park.  In order to raise money for the purchase of materials needed for the repairs, we are having a Jeans Day on Wednesday 23rd of August.  Students at all levels may wear jeans to school along with any shirt that is appropriate for a school setting as long as they make a donation of 500 colones.


DINOSAUR DETECTIVES – EARLY YEARS 2As part of the Dinosaur Detectives unit, Early Years 2 students took part in a trip back in time searching for clues that led them to find dinosaur eggs.  Throughout this third quarter, students will improve their previous knowledge about this fascinating theme of dinosaurs by comparing their current reality with different representative characteristics of dinosaurs.  They will be exploring fossils, skeletons, models and recreating different habitats and landscapes of that era, culminating in a discussion of possible theories as to the reasons why the Jurassic period came to an end.

PRIMARY TALENT SHOW:  Primary students have been invited to show off their talents in singing, music and dance during a special performance for Children’s Day this year (Friday 8th of September) at the school. Registrations for participation have already closed and it seems we have an enormous amount of talent here at the school.  There will be two auditions to see who will go through to the final performance.  Parents can support this initiative by providing their children with guidance on appropriate song choices and dance moves that fit with family and school values.

PRIMARY – ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIESWe are pleased to announce that teacher Carmen Sacasa has taken on the role of Deputy Head within the Primary School.  This means that we will have better representation at a management level for both Early Years and Primary.  This is a significant change in structure because she will retain her role in Early Years as Curriculum Coordinator.  However, as Deputy Head, she will not be involved in matters concerning behaviour and discipline.  The “pastoral” role of Student Welfare Coordinator in the Primary school will be assumed by Gabriela Gutiérrez who will now lead the Student Development Service (SDS) which will support students emotionally and socially and coordinate the Positive Discipline programme within the school.  Gabriela’s responsibilities will now span Early Years 1 – Primary 5.  We are in the process of recruiting a new team member to assume Gabriela’s existing responsibilities in Primary 2 – Primary 5.  Until the new team member has been appointed, Gabriela will continue to support those students.


NATIONAL GOLF CHAMPIONCongratulations to Felipe Odio (Senior 2) on being crowned national champion in the AA category at the recent championship.

NATIONAL SPORTS GAMESCongratulations to both Daniela Rodriguez (Senior 6) and Julieta Carnevale (Senior 5) on their performances at the recent National Sports Games which saw them both win medals.

DUKE OF EDINBURGH AWARD SILVER PRACTICE EXPEDITIONLast week from Thursday to Saturday, a group of 18 students from Senior 5, 6 and 7 successfully completed their practice expedition at Rincón de la Vieja National Park.  The Silver level expeditions cover 3 days and 2 nights and the students hiked between 12-14 km per day and camped on both nights.  The groups carried everything they needed for their expeditions including tents, cooking equipment and food.  The students developed their teamwork, organisation and expedition skills whilst working towards their aims which included studying the wildlife of the park and finding out about the geothermal energy plants in the area.  Well done to all students involved and thank you to Ms. Pilkington and teacher Xinia for their help over the 3 days.

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