School Bulletin #23 11th August 2017


  • Tuesday 15th August: HOLIDAY - Mother’s Day - School closed
  • Wednesday 16th August: Senior 3A Geography trip - Jacó (8:00 am to 3:00 pm)
  • Wednesday 16th August: Service Learning trip to Pococí Esc. La Sirena (7:00 am to 5:00 pm)
  • Thursday 17th August: Senior 3B Geography trip - Jacó (8:00 am to 3:00 pm)
  • Thursday 17th August: Senior 1 to Senior 3 Boy’s Football away at St Jude (12:00 pm to 3:00 pm)
  • Friday 18th August: Senior 3C Geography trip - Jacó (8:00 am to 3:00 pm)
  • Monday 21st August to Friday 1st September: Senior 7 IB Mock Exams
  • Thursday 24th August to Tuesday 5th September: Senior 5 IGCSE Mock Exams


BSCR MATH OLYMPIAD TEAMSWe have some great news from our BSCR mathletes this term.  The Secondary team participated in the OLCOMA competition and we have several students in the national semi-finals on 1st of September.  These students are in the top 30% nationwide:  Diego Laurencich Prado, Jimena Garrett Fernández, Nicole Lipschitz Kesselman, Javier Gutiérrez Bach, Sofía Ruiz Mazzali, Alina Carranza Christensen, Andrés Eduardo Fung Chen, Jackie Fung He, Antonio Alonso Montealegre, Valeria Chang Chang, Max Wu Shih, and Sebastián Mora Rojas.  Congratulations!

The Primary team participated in the OMCEP Top 10 competition and we are delighted to announce that the following students will move, on to the national semi-finals on Saturday 26th of August at the Calasanz school in San Pedro.  These students are among the top 156 participants nationwide:  Steven Wu, Carlos Shum, Rebeca López, Camila Gutiérrez and Isabella D'Arsie.  Congratulations!

SPORTS UPDATEWe would like to inform you that the school’s participation in the ACEP men's soccer tournament is going well, as the A category (Senior) won 3-1 and thus they will now play in the semi-finals.  On the other hand, this last weekend the BSCR participated in the Mount View School’s sports festival in different disciplines: Men's Basketball (Senior 3-6) 1st place, Men's Volleyball (Senior 5-7) 2nd place, and Men’s Primary 5 obtained the 1st place. Thank you very much for your great support. Congratulations to all of the teams on their participation!

EXPO ESCUELAS Y COLEGIOSWe would like to thank all members of our community who visited us at the Expo Escuelas y Colegios at the weekend.  Held at the Pedregal exhibition centre, the event was a great success and provided us with the opportunity to share what we do here at the School with visitors to the Expo.

VEHICLES IN SCHOOL:  Could we, once again, remind parents that, when arriving in a vehicle to leave or collect their children, they should either i) enter the internal road by the East gate (San Jose side) circulate within the school grounds, leave or collect their child(ren) at the “official” entrance / exit gate near the Administration Building and then depart via the West gate or ii) at departure time, they should arrive EARLY and park in the Car Park to later collect their children personally from the “official” entrance / exit gate.

Parents who insist on trying enter the West gate or park in the western approach road at peak traffic times are causing SERIOUS congestion, delaying the school buses and other parents and creating conflict for the School with our neighbours.  During the 15 minutes BEFORE a peak departure time (2 and 3 p.m.), when the guard places the sign “NO HAY ESPACIO” in the entrance, please do not insist in trying to enter the car park when “There is no Space”.   AT peak traffic times, the West gate and the road leading out to the West side must be considered an EXIT and not an ENTRANCE.


PRIMARY 1 FLY TO LONDONAs part of our IPC unit: “Hooray! Let's go on holidays”, Primary 1 students experienced "travelling" to London.  They made their travel documents, brought their luggage, and learned about travel procedures and safety rules on the plane.  On their way, they made a stop in New York where they learned about some of the famous landmarks.  Finally, after arriving in London, they visited the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace and enjoyed a delicious snack.  We had lots of fun!


SCHWAN’S USA CUPCongratulations to Julián Herrero Corrales, Alberto Castro Guardia and Caleb Marín Solano on being part of the Furati Football academy team that won the U16 category Schwan’s USA Cup in Minnesota.

NATIONAL SPORTS GAMESCongratulations to Nicola Gesumaria (Senior 1B) on his participation at the recent National Sports Games.  He and his partner won the category B boy’s doubles championship as well as receiving the bronze medal in the U14 men’s doubles tournament.

AFFECTIVITY AND SEXUALITY WORKSHOP: On 8th of August, Senior 6 students participated in the “Affective Education in the Area of Sexuality” workshop conducted by Dr. Margarita Murillo, a leading authority in the field of public and sexual health. Dr. Murillo directs FUDHI (Foundation for the Promotion of Health and Sexual, Occupational and Recreational Wellbeing).  This activity provided our students with an opportunity to further develop the attributes of reflection and balance in their personality and to improve their skills to promote better interpersonal relationships and self-awareness in order to make better decisions.

MUSIC/CAS ACTIVITY – CIUDAD CORTÉS:  Last weekend, David Green, Patricia Vicente and Alan Borrington accompanied 12 music students from Senior 5, 6 and 7 to Ciudad Cortés.  This was the culmination of a project between the Music department and the CAS department.  Students raised money through a concert last term which was used to buy musical instruments which, together with instruments donated by a number of parents, were donated to the Casa de la Cultura in Ciudad Cortés. While there our students also performed for the local community.  We hope to continue this link with the Ciudad Cortés community and make this a regular annual event for our Music department.  Before returning to San José, students stopped off and spent the night in Uvita and visited the local waterfall.

STUDY HALL SESSIONS: The following schedule relates to free after-school tutorials/study hall sessions in Secondary where they can do homework, complete assessment tasks or study.  Students are requested to please notify their teachers of their intention to stay before 3pm and address any subject questions that they have directly to their subject teacher:












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