School Bulletin #22 4th August 2017


  • Friday 4th to Sunday 6th August: CAS/Music trip - Osa Community
  • Wednesday 9th August: Secondary Parent-Teacher Meetings
  • Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th August: Duke of Edinburgh Expedition (Silver) - Rincón de la Vieja
  • Tuesday 15th August: HOLIDAY - School Closed - Mother’s Day


CAFETERIA PAYMENTS:   We have been working closely with Newrest over the last week to ensure that our students are served in the quickest way possible during lunch break.  One way in which we can achieve this is if those students who pay for their lunch in cash each day, pay during first break when there are fewer students.  That way, when second break comes they can go directly to the counter to pick up their lunch without having to queue to pay beforehand.

VEHICLES and PARKING ON SCHOOL PREMISES:  Based on our responsibility to ensure that our School is a safe place for your children, we feel obliged to incorporate additional clauses into our Regulations and to apply them immediately.  Hence Article XV) now reads: :

XV)  All vehicles belonging to parents or vehicles previously listed as those used by designated drivers who bring to or take students home from School must bear an official sticker (calcomania) on the windscreen identifying that vehicle to the school guards and other officials of the School.  This sticker must be placed on the driver´s side of the windshield so that it is clearly visible to the school guards and other personnel of the school.  Under no circumstances will the security guards allow the immediate entry of vehicles that do not have this sticker visible or have the windshield and other windows so darkly tinted that the School guards cannot identify the occupants of that vehicle.

MATRICULA 2018 – This weekend the School will be participating in the “EXPO ESCUELAS y COLEGIOS” where we shall be promoting the Matrícula 2018 for levels: Pre-Kinder (Early Years 1 2018), and Kinder (Early Years 2 2018).  We strongly advise any present families who are waiting until October to matriculate their younger children in these levels that, by October, there will almost certainly be no spaces available because we will be opening two groups of Early Years 1 and only three groups of Early Years 2.  Please note the change in the names of the levels – what was Early Years 1 in 2017 will be called Early Years 2 in 2018.  Students presently in Early Years 1 will be promoted to Early Years 3!


NATIONAL YOUTH TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPMany congratulations to Alberto Mora Casafont (Primary 3) on being crowned Under10 doubles champions at the 4th National Youth Tennis tournament.

SUPERHEROES TO THE RESCUE IN EARLY YEARS 1During this third quarter, the students of Early Years 1 began a new adventure with the theme "To the Rescue".  As a first experience they had the task of protecting and rescuing the "Mysterious Box" with the help of a Super Hero who guided them to complete the mission.  When they found it, the children discovered the wonders that await us in the development of this new theme.  In this unit, imagination and fantasy play a major role in children's learning.  Let us share experiences with them and be guides for their learning.

MEET THE NEW TEACHERS:  Parents of students in classes with a new teacher this semester are invited to meet their child’s new teacher on the dates and times below.  This session will be generally about the new teacher, how they work in class, and their expectations.  The psychologist assigned to the year level will also be in attendance to talk about how your children are being supported during this transition period.  All sessions will take place in the Activities Room in Primary.  This is not the time to ask specific questions about your child; this should be done via a regular meeting organized by contacting reception.

  • Friday 4th August 8:05 am P5B Teacher Simon
  • Monday 7th August 8:05 am P1C Teacher Giannina
  • Monday 7th August 1:30 pm P3A Teacher Nicola

MATHS OLYMPICS:  Due to the Senior Parent-Teacher meetings that are being held next week, the Primary Math Olympiad will begin on Wednesday August 16th, rather than Wednesday the 9th of August.


XXXVI NATIONAL SPORTS GAMES - ICODER 2017Congratulations to Adrián Quirós (Senior 1A) for his participation in the 2017 National Sports Games.  Adrián participated in three different tennis categories (singles, doubles and mixed doubles) and emerged with one gold medal and two bronze medals.

GOLF - US KIDS TEEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPCongratulations to Felipe Odio on his performance at the US Kids Teen World Golf Championship in Pinehurst, North Carolina.  After a highly competitive tournament, Felipe placed 28th in the world for his category which is the highest finish for a Costa Rican in 13 years.  Due to his high level of performance, Felipe was also invited to participate in the Van Horn Cup which pitches an international team against the United States of America team.  Not only did Felipe, with his partner, win his individual match, but the international team won the cup for the first time in six years (the first time a Costa Rican has won it).  Many congratulations to Felipe on his wonderful achievements!

NATIONAL CLIMBING CHAMPIONSHIPCongratulations to Nicolás Del Campo from Senior 5 on taking first place in the youth category of the National Climbing Championship.

SECONDARY PARENT-TEACHER MEETINGSParent-Teacher meetings for all Secondary students will take place on Wednesday 9th of August between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.  Please note that Mr. Patel (Mathematics) and Ms. Haigh-Patel (Visual Arts) will not be in attendance due to the fact that they will be out of the country on this date.  Should you wish to speak with either Mr. Patel or Mrs Haigh Patel about your child’s progress, please contact Reception to make an individual appointment.  As we are aware that many parents come to the meetings directly from work, we will ensure that the cafeteria is open and available to parents between 1pm and 3:30pm should you like some lunch or something to drink.

SECONDARY ART CLUBPlease note that due to a necessary staffing change, the Secondary Art Club has been moved to Thursday afternoons at 3:00 pm.

ANNEXATION OF NICOYA: On Friday 28th of July, we celebrated the 193th anniversary of the annexation of Nicoya to Costa Rica.  This date not only fills us with much pride but also allows us to better understand what it means being a Costa Rican.  As part of the activities, we first had a Civic Act where Guanacaste elements within our identity were shown.  Following, the students were able to enjoy a tasting of food and drinks such as “chorreadas, elotes, cajetas and horchata”; while being entertained by a marimba and a mechanical bull.  Thank you to all the people involved in developing this important celebration of Costa Rican culture.

QUILTING CLUB - CASA GIAMALA PROJECTThe Quilting club has been making cushions to donate to Giamala patients but last semester we managed to also collaborate on a mini-quilt in which the patients embroidered beautiful designs, while our students put together the other pieces by hand.  Do not miss the final product now on display in the Administration building.

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