School Bulletin #20 – 23rd June 2017


  • Friday 23rd June to Tuesday 25th July: Mid-year Holiday
  • Wednesday 26th July: 1st day of Semester Two
  • Thursday 27th July: Senior 6NB Spanish ‘Redacción’ Exam
  • Friday 28th July: Senior 5 NB/IB Programme Presentations – Senior 5 parents welcome (11:30am, Auditorium)
  • Tuesday 1st August: Senior 5 Subject Fair – Senior 5 parents welcome (2:05pm, Auditorium)
  • Wednesday 2nd August: Holiday - Virgen de los Ángeles - School Closed
  • Wednesday 9th August: Secondary Parent-Teacher meetings (1:00pm – 4:00pm)


GIAMALA DAYOn Wednesday 14th of June we had the 'GIAMALA Day' celebration.  The Student Council organized a Bake Sale to raise funds for this excellent cause.  In total, more than ₡293,000 was raised.  The Student Council would like to give a special recognition to Primary 1B, as they managed to raise ₡23,000 on their own.  As well as raising money, on the same day the whole school had the opportunity to wear white shirts and we also enjoyed an 'Open Mic' during the lunch hour. We thank everyone for their collaboration and solidarity in this event.

TALENT SHOWCongratulations to all of the participants in Wednesday night’s Talent Show.  The theme for the evening was the Oscars with each Secondary year level being assigned a different movie genre.  Particular congratulations go to the following students who emerged as the winners of each of the different categories:

  • Singing: Senior 7
  • Other Talents: Daniel Liannoi (Senior 6)
  • Dance: Senior 7

The overall winners of Spirit Week were Senior 7 with Senior 6 a close second and Senior 1 coming third.  Many congratulations to all our participants


GYMNASTICSCongratulations to Estefano Papa (Primary 4B) on achieving six gold medals and first place overall in the ‘Estrellas Gimnásticas’ last Friday 16th of June.

OMCEP PRIMARY MATH OLYMPIADCongratulations to Carlos Shum, Rebecca López and Paola Fernández for scoring in the top 10% at the first OMCEP national competition this year.  Well done!

PRIMARY PLAY – THE JUNGLE BOOKThursday and Friday last week saw our Primary Drama Club perform an adaptation of The Jungle Book.  The students have been rehearsing tirelessly since the beginning of the year and the fantastic show was a credit to them.  All the students did a great job and deserve to be congratulated.  Additionally, we must also give a special thanks to teacher Joseph who planned, directed, produced, and designed the play.  Well done to all involved!


SENIOR 4 FRENCH TRIPOver the last couple of lessons in the Senior 4 IGCSE French class, as part of the "City or Field" unit, we have been discussing the Amusement Park "Parc Asterix" located in Paris, France.

In order to live a similar experience, the students visited Parque de Diversiones so they could make comparisons. They learned the French names of all the games and took videos recreating real situations as if they were in France. The activity was very helpful for practicing the language and having an experiential learning outside the traditional classroom environment. With the material collected, the students prepared the presentation "D'un parc d'attraction" focusing on a French-speaking country.

GUAYABO TRIPOn Friday 16th of June, the whole Senior 3 generation had the opportunity to travel to the Guayabo National Monument. Each year, the Department of Social Studies undertakes this tour with the Senior 3 generation so that they can understand the roots of Costa Rica's history. Among other things, the students were able to explore new trails and get to know this world heritage site which is recognized, among other things, for having a perfectly functioning stone aqueduct despite it being more than 2,000 years old

CONFERENCE WITH TEACHER ROSARIO CALDERÓN: On Thursday 15th of June, the entire generation of Senior 6 had the opportunity to listen to teacher Rosario Calderón on the work of her father, Dr. Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia.  This was a very enriching experience as the students were able to get a firsthand testimony about one of their NB Social Studies themes: the 1940s, a time of differences and revolutions for Costa Rica. We want to thank teacher Rosario as she shared with all of us family experiences, personal situations and a series of photographs that highlighted to us a moment of great changes for our country.

IB VISUAL ARTS EXCURSION TO CINE MAGALY, SAN JOSÉOn Tuesday 20th of June, the Senior 6 and 7 IB Visual Arts groups attended the Exhibition on Screen - Michelangelo, the life and Art of Great Masters in Art documentary at Cine Magaly in San José with Mrs Haigh-Patel.  The documentary was an engaging and fascinating account of his achievements in history with intriguing analysis of key art work such as the Sistine Chapel, David and Piedad by art historians and curators.  The group then enjoyed an evaluation session in Kubrick’s -discussing the student’s observations of Michelangelo’s symbolism and themes that could be used in their own IB art work.  It was an excellent evening event shared by Alina, Tony, Jonatán, María, Daniela, María Fe, Queenie and Valentina.

UNIVERSITY FAIRSenior 6 and 7 students participated in a University Fair at the school’s gym on Thursday 15th of June.  More than 25 different institutions that included several international and national private universities and agencies for the promotion of cultural exchanges and tertiary studies abroad in countries like the US, France, Germany and Australia were invited and shared valuable information with the students.

CAREER DAY 2017Students from Senior 5, 6 and 7 participated in Career Day on Friday 16th of June. Fifteen renowned professionals (among them ex students and parents) from very diverse fields of study shared information about their professions, work experiences and opportunities in their area and held very productive conversations with the students.  The topics and presenters were:  Ignacio Gallegos (Law), Stefanía Colombari (Journalism and Public Relations), Dennis Álvarez (Industrial Engineering), Joseph Joseph (Business Administration), Gustavo Maury and Sebastián Garro (Industrial Design), Luis Diego Gené (Biomedical Engineering), Emy Jiménez (Computer Engineering), Ana María Sibaja (Drama), Mariano Rosabal (Psychology), Daniel Ortiz (Economics),  Andrea Hidalgo (Advertising Design), Gustavo Sánchez (Audiovisual Production: Cinema and Television), Julissa Bravo and Carina Bravo (Business Administration and Marketing) and Santiago Batalla (Medicine).  Moreover, the students had the opportunity to participate in a presentation with a representative from CINDE (Costa Rica Investment Promotion Agency) about the careers that are in most demand at a national level.  Additionally, Senior 6 and 7 students participated in a presentation about Social Entrepreneurship with Mr. Giancarlo Pucci who provided valuable recommendations about how to choose a career and shared his experience as a social entrepreneur and innovation agent through the Árboles Mágicos Foundation.  We want to send a big thank you to all our guests for sharing their valuable knowledge and experiences with our students.

SERVICE LEARNING ACTIVITYOn Tuesday 20th of June, the Senior 5 generation had the opportunity to share an excellent afternoon with children and young people in the Pavas area.  During the activity, a football match was held, the donations collected over the last few days were presented and we also shared a snack with the children. This activity was developed within the framework of the Service Learning program. At the

beginning, all of the students had the opportunity to reflect on the needs and context of the people in this community, as well as the importance of social work in these communities, for example, with the impact of associations such as the ‘Club Sport La Libertad’.  At the end of the afternoon, we received extensive gratitude, plus 11 unforgettable goals!  Senior 5 students would like to extend this feeling of gratitude to all those who contributed with donations.  Thank you for making a change!


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