School Bulletin #19 – 9th June 2017


  • Monday 12th June: Senior 6A / Senior 6C Estudios Sociales trip to San José historic sites (8:10 am – 3:00 pm)
  • Tuesday 13th June: Senior 6B Estudios Sociales trip to San José historic sites (8:10 am – 3:00 pm)
  • Wednesday 14th June: Primary Play - ‘The Jungle Book’ - (6:00 pm, Auditorium)
  • Wednesday 14th June: Primary 3B IPC trip - Multiplaza (8:15 am, 12pm)
  • Wednesday 14th June: Senior 6D Estudios Sociales trip to San José historic sites (8:10 am – 3:00 pm)
  • Wednesday 14th June: Senior 5 French trip to Cafe St. Honor (10:15 am – 12:00 pm)
  • Thursday 15th June: Primary Play - ‘The Jungle Book’ - (6:00 pm, Auditorium)
  • Thursday 15th June: Senior 6 / Senior 7 National Private University Fair (9:10 am, Gym)
  • Friday 16th June: Senior 5 / Senior 6 / Senior 7 Career Day
  • Friday 16th June: Senior 3 Estudios Sociales trip to Guayabo (7:00 am – 3:00 pm)
  • Friday 16th June: Senior 4 French trip to Parque de Diversiones (8:40 am – 12:00 pm)
  • Friday 16th June: Primary 4 Social Studies trip to Orosi Valley


SENIOR – PRIMARY ART COLLABORATION ACTIVITYOn the afternoon of Friday 2nd of June, Senior 4 IGCSE Art and Design students were invited to visit teacher Louise and her Primary 3 class.  Senior 4 Art students were invited to share their expertise, knowledge and skills to produce sections from their own ‘La Selva’ banner design project to complement and integrate this work into the Primary 3 classroom Rainforest art work display.  It was an opportunity for primary students to question techniques and ideas and for Senior students to share their enthusiasm and inspirations of their interest in Visual Arts.  Well done to all those students involved.

"MIRADA DE MUJER"Our teachers and artists Rosene Haigh-Patel and Nidia Brenes will be exhibiting their art works at ‘La Casa de la Cultura’ in Puntarenas in an exhibition called "Mirada de Mujer". Their works, along with works from other artists, will be on show from the 1st to the 30th of June.  The closing ceremony will be led by the renowned painter Isidro Con Wong.  Congratulations to our teachers and we invite all of our Community to visit the exhibition.

SERVICE LEARNING PROJECT - SENIOR 5: Senior 5 students are organizing a voluntary donation for the ‘Fundación Club Sport La Libertad’, during the week of 12 – 16 of June.  This activity is a part of their Service Learning project that they have been working on over the past week. The items that they are hoping to collect are football boots and football accessories (vests, tennis shoes, shin guards, etc.) that are in good condition as well as school supplies.  The purpose of this donation is to give Pavas children and youths with socioeconomic difficulties the opportunity to play this beautiful sport, as well as to promote good study habits in these communities at social risk.  We will be collecting these items during next week (please see Teacher Lady if you would like to make a donation).  Thank you in advance for your help!

GIAMALA DAY:  Next Wednesday, the 14th of June, the school will be celebrating GIAMALA DAY for all Senior and Primary students. The purpose of this activity is to raise funds and awareness for the foundation. It will do this primarily through a bake sale which will be provided by senior students, for both primary and senior students with the proceeds being donated to GIAMALA. Also, we will have a Jeans Day with white shirt ONLY and an open mic during lunch time.


EARLY YEARS 2 TRIP TO RED POINT CLOTHING FACTORYIn May, as part of the IPC unit "Clothes", the children of Early Years 2 had the opportunity to visit the "Red Point" national factory located in San Ramón, Tres Ríos.  During this visit, students observed the different processes of clothes design, cutting, stamping and sewing as well as the machinery used in the elaboration of garments such as socks, t-shirts, pyjamas, among others.  In addition, the children had the experience of packing the articles and having a tour through the facilities where all of the items are stored for later distribution.  We would like to thank Mr. Alberto Dada and his family for providing us with this enriching experience for our students, as well as the care provided during the visit.

PRIMARY 3 EXIT POINTPrimary 3 students would like to invite parents to learn more about the rainforest during their IPC Exit Point.  Mark your calendars for the morning of Tuesday 20th of June.  We hope to see you there!


SHAKESPEARE EVENINGThe Shakespeare night on 25th of May was a memorable event that required every student in Senior 3 to work and perform together in order for it to be a success.  It started with the play ‘’As You Like It’’ by Senior 3C.  The play represented how the rules of romance, gender roles, nature and politics are confused when reflecting on how life can actually be.  Then, we were taken into Athens where “A Midsummer Night's Dream” a comedic play by Senior 3B, was performed.  There is romance and confusion because while the courtier seeks help from the duke, so his daughter agrees to get married to Demetrius despite being in love with Lysander.  The mystical world of the fairies intervenes to create even more confusion. Finally, the night concluded with “The Tempest” by Senior 3A.  This play focuses on a mixture of magic, revenge, confusion and love where Prospero’s slave begins to plot his master’s murder.  At the end, it reflects on how forgiveness is always being the answer.  Overall, all three plays were performed with very good acting skills and were greatly enjoyed and appreciated by the audience.  This year there was a commitment that we have never come across before, as the students worked together to produce these marvellous presentations.  Although this year we didn't have as much time to prepare for the plays, all our efforts were put into them to achieve an excellent outcome, leaving pride in our teachers and unforgettable and cherished memories for all who either participated or had the pleasure of viewing them.

HOUSE VOLLEYBALL COMPETITIONThis quarter's volleyball competition generated enthusiastic participation and support from students, for whom it is a very popular sport.  There were two mixed gender age categories; Senior 1-3 and Senior 4-7.  After some very close and exciting matches between house teams, Arenal achieved first place in the Senior 1-3 category and Barva won the Senior 4-7 category after a closely fought decider against Irazú.  The winning Barva Senior 4-7 team took on an All-Star Staff team in the competition finale but just came up short of beating the teachers. Well done to all who participated, helped referee and support this competition.


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