School Bulletin #17 – 2nd June 2017


  • Monday 5th to Friday 9th June: Secondary - End of Semester Exam Week
  • Monday 5th to Friday 9th June: All Early Years/Primary clubs and study hall cancelled. No buses at 3:00 pm.
  • Wednesday 14th June: Primary Play (6:00 pm, Auditorium)
  • Thursday 15th June: Senior 6 & Senior 7 National Private University Fair (9:10 am, Auditorium)
  • Thursday 15th June: Primary Play (6:00 pm, Auditorium)
  • Friday 16th June: Senior 5 to Senior 7 Career Day (8:10 am to 12:30 pm)
  • Wednesday 21st June: Talent Show
  • Friday 23rd June to Tuesday 25th July: Mid-year vacation


ENCUENTRO COSTA RICA 2017On Tuesday 23rd of May, representatives of the Student Council attended the event "Encuentro Costa Rica 2017".  It was a unique and enriching experience with talks on several different topics that are relevant to our country.  The first part was entitled "The National Agreement and Current Themes", in which there was the participation of representatives from several Costa Rican political parties.  The second part was "The International Context: Challenges and Opportunities," in which three participants explained: "The United States of Trump", "Brexit and other tangles: where Europe is heading to", and finally, "China and the Far East: competition and market opportunities."  Then we heard about "The Bicentennial Costa Rica:  What can we not fail to achieve for Costa Rica by 2021?"  We learned about various environment and climate change issues, social progress, the importance of a digital government, infrastructure, public investment and technology and innovation.  Finally, we listened to a presentation from the current Vice President, Ana Helena Chacón, explaining her perspective on PPPs (Public-Private Partnerships).  This was a very enriching activity, in which we learned and analyzed different perspectives on the current position of our country and the importance of Costa Rica’s future that we have to begin to manage from now on, all together as one community.

NATIONAL JUNIOR-YOUTH GOLF RANKINGSWe are very proud to share with our Community where several of our students are placed in the current National Junior-Youth Golf rankings.  These rankings are taken from performances in seven different tournaments that have taken place at different courses around the country over the past months.  A high ranking provides the golfers with invitations to participate in international tournaments:

  • 11 to 12 year old boys category:  Tomás Gutiérrez (S2A)  = 2nd place
  • 13 to 14 year old girls category: Valeria Gutiérrez (S2C)  = 2nd place
  • 13 to 14 year old boys category:  Felipe Odio (P5C) = 1st place

EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES (CLUBS) UPDATEDue to the End of Semester Exam Week in Senior School, there will be no extra-curricular activities/clubs for any year level (Early Years 1 to Senior 7) in the week of the 5th to the 9th of June.  Extra-curricular activities/clubs will resume as normal for one week between the 12th of June and the 16th of June.

NOTES AND PERMISSIONS VIA E-MAIL: As we have advised parents on many previous occasions and as indicated in the Parents’ Handbook:  emails, scanned letters, notes etc. related to absences, permissions and requests for premature departures, etc. MUST be sent to and not to the School’s general email addresses.  Also, as indicated in the Regulations, if the providence of the email is unknown, then a SIGNED letter or note is required.

REPORTS NOT COLLECTED:  In the School Office (Reception) we still have over 300 reports that parents have not collected from previous grading periods (some since 2013).


PRIMARY PLAY – “THE JUNGLE BOOK”:  The Primary Drama Club is proud to invite all parents and students to their performance of The Jungle Book.  There will be two evening performances on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th of June, both starting promptly at 6:00 pm.  Tickets will be on sale from Monday 5th of June at the Cashier’s office in Administration.  Tickets are ₡ 3,000.  We look forward to seeing you there!


END OF SEMESTER EXAM SCHEDULESemester exams for Seniors 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 will be held between Monday 5th and Friday 9th of June.  Buses for those Secondary students will depart at 12:00 each day.  Senior 5 and 7 students will sit exams on Monday through Wednesday.  They will also be dismissed at 12:00 on Monday and Tuesday, but those students will have regular classes after exams on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and leave at 2:00 pm.  There will be no bus service at 3:00 pm during that week.


Stick Horses Parade: Senior 3A had the opportunity to collaborate and participate in the Annual Stick Horse Parade, which was organized by the National Children's Hospital.  In this activity, which took place on Friday 26th of May, our students made colourful papier-mâché hens that brought much joy and happiness to the children who receive care in that medical centre. "After this experience, we learned to value our health and we also enjoyed being with these children." (Senior 3A student)

Hogar Carlos María Ulloa: Senior 2C worked has been working extremely hard on a project aimed at helping the elderly population residing in the ‘Hogar Carlos María Ulloa’.  The home’s residents enjoyed the activities that the students prepared for them very much, among which were: reading and chatting spaces, bingo and musical presentations.  The students also made a donation of diapers and gave presents to all of the male residents in anticipation of the upcoming the Father's Day celebration.  The visit took place on Tuesday 30th of May and was very enriching for all.

MUSIC RECITALSWe would like to send the best of luck to our Senior 7 IB Music students who will be undertaking their music recitals in the School’s auditorium over the coming week.  All of the community, including parents, are invited to attend in support of our students:

  • Thursday 1st June: 4:30 pm - Alberto Blanco
  • Monday 5th June: 4:00 pm - Daniel Nivia
  • Tuesday 6th June: 2:00 pm - Sebastián Quevedo
  • Tuesday 6th June: 2:30 pm - Juan Camilo Godoy
  • Tuesday 6th June: 6:00 pm - Erika Gu
  • Wednesday 7th June: 4:00 pm - Fabián Soto
  • Wednesday 7th June: 4:30 pm - Sabrina Gómez

MUNLast Saturday and Sunday we, in conjunction with the Humboldt School, hosted our Model United Nations welcoming delegates from a number of different schools, including students from Puntarenas and Poas. In total approximately 200 students were distributed across 9 different committees in which they debated intensely on a range of current affairs issues.  At the opening ceremony Mrs. Daniela Muñoz, the representative of UNHCR (UN Commissioner for Refugees), addressed the conditions of refugees in Costa Rica.  While in the closing ceremony our Headmaster, Mr. Berridge, considered the importance of using History in order to create a culture of peace.  Also in the closing ceremony, honourable mentions were obtained by the BSCR delegates: Isabella Tristán, Sofia Bianchi, and Daniel Chen. We are grateful to key students in the organization of this event: Juan Camilo Godoy and Diego Escalante (general secretaries); as well as the logistics team, Paulina Salgado and María Gago; the page and media team, and all the chairs and co-chairs that made this a successful MUN 2017.


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