Jobs at The British School of Costa Rica

During any given year, the British School of Costa Rica will offer teaching jobs for both local and international contracts. If you are interested in applying, we suggest that you visit this section regularly and look for new postings.

In making an application, for both local and international contracts, candidates are asked to make it absolutely clear for what position they are applying. The School will not necessarily reply to speculative applications; only to those sent in response to advertised positions. However we do keep a limited database of previous applications.

We only contract qualified teachers who have at least two years of relevant, prior experience. Also, we teach English throughout the school as a first language and because of this, we do not offer international contracts to EFL or ESL teachers.

If you qualify and are interested in applying for any of our job openings, please email us at

Local Contracts

Substitute Teacher

We are seeking a qualified teacher to provide substitution for class teachers within our Primary School. This position is on an “on-call” basis meaning that the substitute teacher will be called the morning of, or the night before, the day requiring cover. It would be ideal for a retired teacher who would still like to teach occasionally or a recent graduate wanting to gain experience, though the position is open to all applicants.

  • Substitutions will mostly be in Primary 2 - Primary 5 levels (grades 2 - 5), and could be in English or Spanish. Applicants must have a minimum C1 level of
  • English, and be authorised to work in Costa Rica.
  • The School will provide training on the programmes that we use.
  • Interested applicants should send their CV and a brief cover letter (no more than 300 words) describing their training, competencies and prior experience to

International Contracts


We are seeking a qualified Teacher of Chemistry / General Science for the Secondary School (S1 to S7 – 11 to 18 year old students) as from the 24th of July 2017 or as soon after that date as possible.

Main Responsibilities

• Plan and deliver Chemistry / General Science (lower Secondary) lessons that are pedagogically sound and are aligned with curriculum requirements
• Continually assess student’s progress by utilizing both formative and summative assessment strategies
• Prepare and maintain accurate records in accordance with school policy
• Prepare quarterly reports for parents and for the Administration as required
• Contribute to the development of the Science department and its curriculum
• Contribute to whole-School and extra-curricular activities
• Comply with all of the schools policies and regulations – specifically those relating to discipline, academic honesty, inclusion, assessment and health and safety

Personal Specification


A Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry/closely related discipline or a Bachelor’s degree in education with a focus on Chemistry - Essential
UK Qualified Teacher Status (or the international equivalent) - Essential
A relevant Master’s degree - Desirable


At least 2 years teaching experience, preferably in international schools - Essential
Recent experience of teaching the I.B. Diploma programme - Desirable
Recent experience of teaching the I.G.C.S.E. programme - Desirable
Experience working with students who have English as a second language - Desirable

Professional Skills, Knowledge and Understanding:

Fluency in English - Essential
Some knowledge of Spanish - Desirable
A developed knowledge and understanding of current pedagogy - Essential
An effective classroom practitioner - Essential
Able to engage with students and to engender enthusiasm for learning - Essential
Comfortable using a range of I.C.T. including the Google platform - Essential


Have a flexible approach to working and enjoy being a positive team member - Essential
Have effective communication, organization and time management skills - Essential
Be able to manage own workload effectively and respond swiftly to tight deadlines - Essential
Good interpersonal skills with the ability to enthuse and motivate others and develop effective partnerships - Essential
Willingness to share expertise, skills and knowledge and ability to encourage others - Essential
Maintain a personal commitment to Professional Development linked to the competencies necessary to deliver the requirements of the post, including being reflective on their own practice and the practice of others - Essential

  • Interested applicants should send their CV and a brief cover letter (no more than 300 words) describing their training, competencies and prior experience to

    I) International teachers are contracted under the auspices of the "Selective Migration" programme of the International Organisation for Migrations (IOM) based in Geneva. This greatly facilitates the obtaining of residency/permission to work as a Teacher at the School up to a maximum of four years.

    II) The timetable of classes for STUDENTS in Primary covers 25 hours (five days of five hours of classes) and 30 hours (five days of six, one-hour of classes) in Senior School. A TEACHER'S timetable of classes & duties is based on 20 contact hours in Primary and 22 contact hours in Secondary. As far as possible, the timetable of classes is reduced for subject/level coordinators and Heads of Departments. All staff are expected to participate in a Break Duty rota, contribute to the “life of the school” and to attend departmental, staff and parents' meetings.

    III) Teachers are asked to sign an initial 2-year contract that may be extended for 1 year or renewed for a further 2 years by mutual consent of both parties. The School pays for the teacher’s airfares and a shipping allowance at the beginning and end of contract. The school also assists the Teacher in finding suitable accommodation, lends funds for a deposit and co-signs any agreements required to secure the contract or an international telephone line etc.. 2-3 Bedroom houses or apartments can be rented near the School for approximately $ 650 - $ 700 per month. Teachers are expected to rent furnished accommodation and the School will contribute up to $ 180 if needed to purchase basic household goods and utensils.

    IV) A teacher's total annual remuneration (100%) is paid in 15 segments as: i) taxable Salary each month over 12 months (80%), ii) a tax-free Christmas Bonus or "Aguinaldo" (7%) and iii) tax-free redundancy pay at the end of each year of contract (13%). All salary related payments are linked to and calculated in U.S. Dollars but paid in local currency. The calculation of the "Aguinaldo" is determined by local Laws and based on the average SALARY over the 12 months prior to the 30th November each year. Hence, in their first "year", Teachers commencing in February receive only approximately 83% and those commencing in July/August receive only 30% of a month's salary as their Aguinaldo in December. At the end of a contract, the balance of Aguinaldo due is paid to the teacher. However, the last 1 or 2 months of a contract (e.g. July or December and January) are paid as tax-free "Holiday Pay" and not included in Aguinaldo calculations. An "Overseas Allowance" is included in the salary for overseas contracted teachers and it is already included in any estimate of salary provided to prospective teachers. Deductions from total annual remuneration will be approximately 17 - 19% (obligatory contributions of Social Security, Pension and Tax).

    TOTAL ANNUAL REMUNERATION : for overseas contracted teachers is calculated on Salary Scale A3 whereby points are awarded for i) "Qualifications" (e.g. 10 for a qualified teacher - B.Ed. or PGCE), ii) "Years of Teaching Experience" up to a maximum of 12 years / points and iii) "Level of Responsibility" (e.g. Coordinator) with a minimum of 6 up to a maximum of 15. Some additional points are available for contributions to the House system, MUN, Accreditation Committees, etc. Hence most "salaries" fall into the range of $ 42,000.00 U.S. per year (20 points) up to $54,000.00 U.S. per year (40 points).

    V) Before arriving in Costa Rica to start work in the school, it is essential that a teacher obtains ABSOLUTELY BRAND NEW, recently issued copies of their Birth (and Marriage?) Certificate and Police Record Check and these must be legalised under the Apostille system (except Canada). Teachers presently working overseas MAY need to return “home” to complete these procedures (or at least initiate the process and arrange for the completed documents to be sent on to Costa Rica).

    VI) A combination of restrictions imposed upon us by the nature of the IOM programme through which we contract teachers, the lack of Costa Rican Consulates around the world, the absence of official Costa Rican translators for many languages and the Costa Rican Immigration Laws themselves make it extremely difficult, in many cases impossible, to obtain residence status and work permits for citizens from many countries in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.